Hi -I'm Jane, a mum of three noisy young boys. I have always loved wood, as a child I could often be found in the shed making something hideously beautiful out of wood! So naturally I loved kids wooden toys. At first it was an aesthetic thing, but then I learned just why they are better for our children and for the planet!


In 2005 shortly after getting married I was diagnosed with MS. (Sorry Cracker you've already vowed in sickness and health!) So I vowed to return my body back to a state of health. Whilst researching ways to live a more natural lifestyle I came across plastic and how it's abundance was not all that good for the planet!  At first I filed that away for a later date. But that discovery has now become my passion.

So when I had my first child I naturally turned toward wooden toys. The idea to start a wooden toy hire business came from a personal need. My eldest, Kipp was born 10 days before Christmas and therefore would tire of all his toys well before mid year!  

I couldn’t afford to be buying wooden toys all the time (it's no secret they're a wee bit dearer) and I felt an unease with the cheap plastic toys I was buying to fill that void, that would break easily and end up in landfill. .After hiring toys to my local town of Ballarat for a while it became apparent that not all wooden toys are created equal. I soon began selling a couple of quality brands Australia wide and now internationally!

 ​As parent I  know you want your kids to be having fun, but also learning at the same time. Child experts agree that the best toys are those with a focus on what the child can do with the toy not what the toy can do! You'll find no flashing lights here! At Mr Kipp and little Jimmy we have a large range of colourful wooden toys developmentally appropriate for all ages. Baby toys, toddler toys and toys for pre-schoolers. Our quality wooden toys are fairly priced, beautiful as well as functional and will stand the test of time, being passed down through generations. 

I believe in the brands I am selling. I believe in their quality, their devotion to the environment and creating toys that are fun and educational, toys that won’t cost the Earth! I am also a massive fan and preacher of toy rotation and have been using the system for around 6 years. It really has saved my sanity!

On my health journey I also discovered that the most toxic thing to a human cell is not plastic but a negative thought- that's why I love to tell jokes! After all it is said that laughter is the best medicine!

 Jane xx