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Natural Aid



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The skin is the largest respiratory organ in the body. 

Therefore, whatever you put on your baby's skin is absorbed into their blood stream and thus into their organs. 

Your baby's skin can be up to five times thinner than an adult's skin - that's why we only use a meticulously crafted nourishing and hydrating Organic cream to ensure your baby's health is not compromised in any way.

Baby Moisturising Lotion is lovingly crafted from nature's finest organic ingredients and infused with Magnesium, Calendula and Chamomile oils to soothe, relax and replenish baby's delicate skin and restore any dry areas.

You'll love the beautiful, calming fragrance.

 All our creams are:

  •  Hypo-allergenic, so good for the most sensitive skin
  •  Non-greasy, readily absorbed
  •  No Silcone, no sulphates, no parabens
  •  No artificial preservative
  •  No artificial fragrance
  •  No artificial colouring
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