What are the toys made from?

The brand of toys we sell is a quality brand that use wood from rubbertree which is planted mostly in the southern part of Thailand. The main purpose of these trees is to yield liquid white latex which is used to make rubber. After the trees become too old to yield latex they are cut down and replaced with new ones. The lumber from these trees is therefore plantation wood - not forest wood. It has been the companies philosophy from the start up in 1981 to help protect the environment by making full use of our wood and ensuring that there is no waste.

What paints and glues are used?

The colours used in manufacturing our toys are water based and are tested periodically by independent lab testing specialists . Every batch of paint delivered is also tested and guaranteed by the suppliers.

The paints have been screened for chemicals such as lead, cadmium, barium and etc., as well as for prohibited chemicals in wood such as PCP, and have passed the requirements of all toy safety standards. Our products do not use glue that contain formaldehyde, which are hazardous to health. Only safe, non-toxic glue on all products are used.