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Little Energy & Focus | Boost Energy & Focus | Infant to Kid

Little Energy & Focus | Boost Energy & Focus | Infant to Kid

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This is a beautiful natural formulation to help babies and children to boost their energy level psychologically and physically. It generates happiness and buoyance. For older kids of primary years, it helps to focus and enhance the efficiency of completing the tasks at hand.

Expeller-pressed Sweet Orange | Bergamot | Ylang Ylang Complete | Cananga Indonesia | Geranium Egypt | Lemon Myrtle | Himalayan Cedarwood | Rosemary 

Health Benefits

Little Energy & Focus blend creates an uplifting and harmonious atmosphere for your kids. It not only purifies room environment, creating an area for study, relaxation or focus, it mildly enhances the limbic system of the brain to feel happy and confident. The combination of oils also destroy disease-causing bacteria, molds and viruses in the environment.

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