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Amrita Court

Purify | Clean Air | Rid of Germs | Positive Energy

Purify | Clean Air | Rid of Germs | Positive Energy

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This is the perfect way to nurture the whole family. With our Purify blend, you maintain a healthy environment to help prevent the spread of infection, treatment of minor ailments and bringing some balance and peace to the frantic pace of family life.

Expeller-pressed Sweet Orange | Lemon Myrtle | Tea Tree | Cinnamon Bark | Clove Bud | Rosemary

Health Benefits 

Purify Essential Oil Blend is a spicy, uplifting blend of 100% pure & natural essential oils to serve the purification of room environments both physically and energetically.

The essential oils used have been demonstrated in various studies that when diffused into a room environment, the essential oils will kill bacteria and moulds. In one study, within fifteen minutes of diffusing an essential oil blend into a room, over 98% of all bacteria and moulds were destroyed, including all the moulds and all the potentially disease-causing bacteria present.

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